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Welcome to American Hood Cleaning, in Winter Springs Florida

Welcome to American Hood Cleaning!

We clean hood and exhaust systems for $35 per linear foot.

Operators of each food preparation and cooking facility are required to have their kitchen exhaust systems cleaned at a regular frequency by a certified hood cleaning company. We want to be your preferred service provider! We appreciate our customers and loyalty by performing a necessary service with quality methods. We ensure customer satisfaction. Your kitchen exhaust system needs to be grease free, and we build our business taking care of your business.

Grease is a Huge Problem in Many Restaurants

Whether kitchen grease is found in solid, liquid or vapor form, it can be easily ignited. The National Fire Protection Association reports well over ten thousand grease fires start in commercial kitchens in an average year in the United States. The result is property damage, injury and even death. Many fires start right on the cooking line beneath an exhaust canopy hood equipped with some type of automatic fire suppression system. Deep fat fryers are often to blame, as well as greasy stoves, ovens, open-fire grills that ignite grease hoods and/or ductwork.

We Proactively Solve Your Grease Problems

It all depends on the quality and frequency of your cleaning program. These allow your exhaust hood and fire suppression system to work effectively. Don’t risk your business to a preventable fire disaster. We are properly trained experts, insured and serious hood cleaners. Let us keep you, your staff, your customers and your facility safe from the hazard of grease!


We certify each cleaning by placing a Certificate of Cleaning Completion directly on the hood for state inspections.